Visual Recognition Areas in Human Temporal Cortex

(Kanwisher, Downing, Epstein & Kourtzi (2001). Functional neuroimaging of visual recogntion. In Cabeza & Kingstone, Handbook of Funcitonal Neuroimaging of Cognition. Cambridge MA: MIT Press)

Lateral Occipital Complex (LO or LOC)

  • Object and shape processing

(Grill-Spector, Kourtzi & Kanwisher, 2001, Vis Res)

Subdivisions of LO (Click images to enlarge)

(Malach, 2002, TICS)

(Hasson, 2003, Neuron)

Centre-Periphery Organization of LO

(Malach, 2002, TICS)

Fusiform Face Area (FFA)

  • Face processing

Parahippocampal Place Area (PPA)

  • Place processing (scenes, houses)

FFA and PPA perception and imagery

(O'Craven & Kanwisher, 2000, J Cog Neurosci)

Extrastriate Body Area (EBA)

Superior Temporal Sulcus (STS)

  • Encoding the actions of others
  • Biological motion

(Allison, Puce, & McCarthy, TICS)