Can I use your slides?

Colleagues are welcome to use the slides for teaching purposes only. I have tried where possible to give credit to the original sources --- Please retain these credits. I welcome any suggestions, corrections, additions or revisions. Some of the material, particularly that on event-related designs needs some updating and improvement.

Can I buy the book fMRI for Newbies?

There is no book. fMRI for Newbies is only available as a free website. For those looking for an introductory text for fMRI, I recommend Huettel, Song, & McCarthy's Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, published by Sinauer.

Can I take your graduate course?

The course has an enrolment limit of 15. Preference is given to graduate students in Psychology and Neuroscience. Others in the London, Ontario area are welcome to sit in on the class as space permits (and I usually try to get sufficient space for another dozen attendees). The course was offered in Winter 2007 and due to other teaching requirements in 2007-8 and my sabbatical in 2008-9, it will not be offered again until 2009-10 <Update>.

Can you help me [design my experiment, do my analysis, understand how Brain Voyager works... etc.]?

This site was created as a public service but I cannot provide support to everyone who requests it. As another fMRI site has put it, "You wouldn't ask the author of a cookbook to come to your house and make dinner." If I can provide an answer quickly or direct people to other resources, I try to do so. Questions about Brain Voyager should be addressed to the Brain Voyager support team, including