10. You wake up to the repeated beeping of your alarm clock, assume it's just the scanner and go back to sleep.

9. While pouring syrup on your Eggo waffles, you note that you missed a few voxels.

8. Your knowledge of brain anatomy exceeds your knowledge of geography. As in, "The transverse occipital sulcus intersects the intraparietal sulcus near the level of the parieto-occipital fissure" and "The Sahara is in Afghanistan, I think."

7. You have developed a rapid ritual for checking your body for metal that resembles the macarena.

6. When you see drawings of brains in the popular media, you instantly decide whether or not they are anatomically correct.

5. Friends wonder how you can run a four million dollar scanner and still fail to program a VCR.

4. You suffer frequent left/right confusion and find yourself saying things like, "Make a left turn at the lights... No, I meant a *radiological* left!"

3. At parties, you scope out people's subject-worthiness: "It was great talking to you. Say, what are you doing Friday night?... Do you have any metal in your body?..."

2. Not only can you recognize the brains of your frequently-scanned co-workers, but also their teeth from the bite bar impressions.

1. When reminded of a special occasion, you remember it fondly because the scanner was free all day long and you collected lots of good data.