(Image from Ono, Atlas of the Cerebral Sulci, p.7)

Interhemispheric Fissure

  • Hugely deep
  • Divides brain into 2 hemispheres

Sylvian Fissure

  • Hugely deep
  • Mostly horizontal
  • Insula (purple) is buried within it
  • Separates temporal lobe from parietal and frontal lobe

Parietal-occipital Fissure and Calcarine Sulcus

Parietal-occipital Fissure (red):

  • Very deep
  • Often Y-shaped from sagittal view
  • X-shaped in horizontal and coronal views

Cuneus (pink):

  • Visual areas on medial side above
  • Calcarine (lower visual field)

Calcarine Sulcus (blue):

  • Contains V1

Lingual gyrus (yellow):

  • Visual areas on medial side below calcarine and above collateral sulcus (upper visual field)

Collateral Sulcus

  • Divides lingual (yellow) and parahippocampal (green) gyri from fusiform gyrus (pink)

Cingulate Sulcus

  • Divides the cingulate gyrus (turquoise) from precuneus (purple) and paracentral lobule (gold)

Central, Postcentral, and Precentral Sulci

Central Sulcus (red):

  • Usually freestanding (no intersections)
  • Just anterior to ascending cingulate

Precentral Sulcus (green):

  • Often in two parts (superior and inferior)
  • Intersects with superior frontal sulcus (T-junction)
  • Marks the anterior end of precentral gyrus (motor strip, yellow)

Postcentral Sulcus (blue):

  • Often in two parts (superior and anterior)
  • Often intersects with intraparietal sulcus
  • Marks posterior end of postcentral gyrus (somatosensory strip, purple)

Intraparietal Sulcus

  • Anterior end usually intersects with inferior postcentral (some texts call inferior postcentral the ascending intraparietal sulcus)
  • Posterior end usually forms a T-junction with the transverse occipital sulcus (just posterior to the parieto-occipital fissure)
  • IPS divides the superior parietal lobule from the inferior parietal lobule (angular gyrus, gold, and supramarginal gyrus, lime)

Slice Views

  • Central sulcus = red
  • Precentral sulcus = green
  • Transverse-occipital = purple
  • Postcentral sulcus = blue
  • Intraparietal sulcus = yellow

Superior and Inferior Temporal Sulci

Superior Temporal Sulcus (red)

  • Divides the superior temporal gyrus (peach) from middle temporal gyrus (lime)

Inferior Temporal Sulcus (blue)

  • Not usually very continuous
  • Divides middle temporal gyrus from inferior temporal gyrus (lavender)

Superior and Inferior Frontal Sulci

Superior Frontal Sulcus (red)

  • Divides superior frontal gyrus (mocha) from the middle frontal gyrus (pink)

Inferior Frontal Sulcus (blue)

  • Divides the middle frontal gyrus from the inferior frontal gyrus (gold)

**Orbital gyrus (green) and frontal pole (grey) also are shown.

Medial Frontal View

  • Superior frontal gyrus continues on medial side
  • Frontal pole (grey) and frontal orbital gyrus (green) also shown