• July 2017: For the course at Western in Fall 2017, I will begin expanding the nature of the course using resources generously provided by the BrainsCAN grant from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund.  In particular, we will begin by collecting a new data set optimized for teaching purposes and begin developing tutorials to illustrate foundational concepts covered in the course.  By Summer 2018, we hope to begin making data and tutorials freely available online for anyone to use for teaching themselves of others.  Over the longer term, we will welcome others not just to use the tutorials but to help beta test them, extend them, and adapt them for multiple analysis platforms (Brain Voyager, SPM, FSL, AFNI).  Plans are also in the works for a textbook.  Stay tuned. If you are interested in finding out more about the tutorials and perhaps getting involved, please contact Jody.
  •  July 2017: The fMRI tutorials have been updated with slides from the course at Western in Fall 2016.  Many new slides were added in the lecture on MVPA.

Jody Culham