T-ness Envy:

Jealousy that another imaging group has a higher field magnet

Jodie Fostering:

Trying to pull a weak signal out of noisy data, rather like Jodie Foster listening to radio signals for signs of alien life in the movie "Contact"


Dysfunctional magnetic resonance imaging, when your scanner is having a bad day

Subcortico-occipito-parieto-temporo-frontal network:

Euphemism for "it lights up the whole brain"

Screen Saver Scan:

A scan in which something goes horribly wrong, allowing you to look for, for example, "the screen saver area"

Brain Localizer:

A scan that is not particularly useful because it activates practially everything.

Voxel vomit (also, Road Pizza):

Bad data in which everything lights up


To complain loudly to one's co-workers that they're hogging all the disk space

Bite barf:

The gagging reflex caused by using a head restraint system


The groggy feeling one has after coming out of a long scanning session

Princess-and-the-pea phenonmenon:

The excruciating pain caused by a small irritant under the head during a scan session