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Blank images of human cortex

(Duvernoy (1991). The Human Brain: Structure, Three-Dimensional Sectional Anatomy and MRI. New York: Springer-Verlag)

Sulci of human cortex (lateral, medial)

(Duvernoy, 1991)

Gyri of human cortex (lateral, medial)

(Duvernoy, 1991)

Brodmann's areas in humans (lateral, medial)

(Duvernoy, 1991)

Photographs of human brains

(Duvernoy, 1991)

Talairach Coordinates on Visible Man Brain

(Van Essen & Drury, 1997. Structural and Functional Analyses of Human Cerebral Cortex, J Neurosci, 17, 7079-7102)

Divisions of the Thalamus

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(Carpenter, M. B. 1991. Core text of Neuroanatomy. (4th ed.))